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AI Gamer

We are creating an AI that able to learn and play any online games and communicate with gamers in natural language

How it works

Simply drag the GameMind AI icon from the website to your gaming console

GameMind AI innovative login process will login as another player to that game.

If the game already mastered by Game Mind AI it will join as expert level player otherwise it will advice the human player to join as novice. System will learn all the techniques to play the game same as human learns. It will have better knowledge in the same game in the subsequent plays. System records the all statistics in each games such as the level of knowledge, how many times it played the game and so on. It is available through the website. Currently, players can choose the right game to play with Game Mind.

Learning System

Game Mind AI will be trained with many games in multiple categories such as multiplayer games, video games, strategy games, puzzle, action games, combat games, sports games, educational games and so on. This complete trained models will be stored in GameMind Artifical Brain.

Then AI learns new games while playing with human players in the internet using its prior knowledge of similar games. System will learn all the techniques to play the games same as human learners, GameMind use its multiple deep nets , to accomplish this task.

Humanized Dialogue and Behavior

GameMind interact with online gamers in natural language during the game. Game Mind AI will be developed with humanized dialogue and behaviors