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Deep Learning

Game Mind Core & Humanized Framework


We are developing proprietary algorithms and technology stack to play online games and communicate in natural language with millions of gamers . The platform will be built as two major components. GameMindCore and Humanized Framework.

Game Mind Core

Game Mind Core is an artificial brain,will be developed with deep neural networks, the technology inspired by the architecture of the human brain with other machine learning algorithms and neuroscience methodologies to learn and saved new gaming knowledge into Game Mind.

We are building computationly intensive deep neural networks , which is directly used in computer vision and naturl language processing

Humanized Framework

Game Mind Humanized Framework will be developed to understand, reason and communicate in natural language with online gamers.

Conversational API and Dialogue models

We are training GameMind with few million multi turns human dialogues as generative models. Now system knows the words and sentences it can generate answer base on the question asked, it same as humans knowing the vocabulary and create sentence while speaking to others.

Humanize behavior

We are building GameMind to show human behavior’s and emotions like happy, sad, excited, frustrated, concern and so on in the communication according to the situations.

Distributed system to interact with millions of users

Game Mind will develop as a distributed system in cloud, that able to play and chat with millions of online gamers at the same time